The summer after my freshman year of college I was lucky enough to get an internship in my hometown. Due to the sensitive nature of the work since the company is a government contractor, the following summaries are the only approved things I can say about my two summers at Softronics Ltd.

The first summer I worked on a large Node.js application to interface with hardware. This was a very fun project and it opened my eyes to how large scale software projects should be managed.

During the winter break I was asked back to continue work on project that eventually ended up getting scrapped but I learned a ton of C and embedded system design and firmware along the way.

The summer after my sophomore year was also spent at Softronics. This time around they gave me a large Research and Development project that was more aligned with my life goal. They allowed me to use low cost hardware and machine learning to implement a very expensive piece of hardware in software for very cheap.

I wanted to try an internship in a different field and with a different company thus the summer after my Junior year of college I had an internship with RSM. At RSM I was an internal and external penetration tester on their Security, Privacy, and Risk Services Team out of Cedar Rapids. This really shaped the career path I want to take for the next few decades. I still want to achieve my life goal someday however for the meantime, I will be doing cybersecurity work. During this internship I honed my OSINT skills as well Red Teaming skills such as password spraying and pivoting. During this internship, at the end of every engagement, I wrote a report based on my findings and presented them to the client. This led to furthering development of soft skills such as communication of technical knowledge and client relations.